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Most People know this but don’t wear sunscreen for two primary reasons:

Aesthetics (“Sunscreen doesn’t feel good on my skin”)
Vanity (“A tan makes me feel more attractive”).
Conversely, women use multiple skin care and beauty products daily – the ones that feel nice on their skin and make them feel more attractive. TiZO’s technological breakthrough, known as Age Defying Fusion, was inspired by the insight that people will wear sunscreen and keep their skin more healthy and attractive, if the aesthetic and sensory appeal exceeds their favorite beauty product.


What do we do you ask? We offer redeemable makeup applicationsand lessons, eyelash extensions, redeemable express facials and facial resurfacing treatments, redeemable  hair styling, waxing, tinting, as well as carrying all of the highest end beauty brands in store and online! Please download our brochure for service pricing.