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Cherry Blooms Mascara


Cherry Blooms Mascara is lightweight and just as easy as applying normal mascara.

  • Kit includes 2 tubes
  • 1 tube of transplantng mascara gel
  • 1 tube of dry nylon black fiber
  • Brush on fibers give you false eyelash look
  • Cry proof, laugh proof, sweat proof
  • Easily washes off with warm water and cotton ball
  • Suitable for all ages, skin types and occasions


What Is It: Cherry Blooms Brush On Fiber Eyelash Extensions is an exciting new concept that doesn't require any glue or false lashes. The eyelash extensions are lightweight and comfortable to wear. Best of all, they can easily be applied in 60 seconds.

  • Who Is It For: All skin types. Suitable for contact lens wearers. Suitable for any occasion.
  • Why It's Different: This brush on fiber eyelash extension brand is the only answer to safe and easy eyelash extension that dramatically creates 300% longer and thicker lashes in 60 seconds. Plus, our Beeswax ingredients is of the highest quality.
  • Includes 2 tubes: 1 tube of transplanting mascara gel and 1 tubes of dry nylon black fiber, which sticks on the the beeswax mascara making it look like you are wearing false eyelashes.
  • Just 3 easy steps. Plus, our social proof says it all, as we have heaps of customer and salons testimonials.