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Living Proof Nightcap Overnight Protector

Available in-store only

Living Proof Nightcap Overnight Protector:

Apply it before bed (to dry or damp hair), go to sleep, and wake up with:

  • Shiny hair for days. Our weightless radiance refractors outperform silicones and oils.
  • Long-lasting, vibrant color. Our patented Healthy Hair Molecule (OFPMA) combined with long-lasting cuticle sealing technology helps smooth the cuticle and reduce pigment loss.
  • More manageable hair. Amino acids condition and protect against your daily styling habits and other environmental assaults
  • Overnight results that last. These benefits last all week (up to 5 shampoos).

Night Cap is weightless, fast absorbing, pillow-safe, and perfect for all hair types.

Silicone-free. Oil-free.

The Problem: Everyday occurances like the weather, brushing, blow-drying, shampooing, and even pulling your hair into a ponytail can cause stress and damage to healthy hair every single day.

The Solution: Night Cap transforms the way your hair looks, feels, and behaves overnight. The power-packed formula targets hair from the inside out, combining our patented Healthy Hair Molecule (OFPMA), amino acids, and time-released conditioners to:

  • Keep hair smooth, soft, and shiny
  • Make hair strong, healthy, and more manageable
  • Protect and seal the cuticle for long-lasting, vibrant color