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Living Proof Split End Mender

Available in-store only

Living Proof Split End Mender:

  • Instantly seals and heals split ends thanks to our advanced instant-zip technology
  • Mimics the look of a fresh haircut by sealing and smoothing  ends and aligning hair fibers for a cleaner look
  • For best results, apply it daily to wet hair after a shower and on dry hair after styling. To help prevent split ends, start using it right after you get a haircut. To treat split ends, use Fresh Cut to keep them sealed.

The Problem: Most current split-end products rely on a resin-based technology that glues the hair together and visibly seals it but the hair feels tacky, gunky, and anything but freshly cut. When hair feels tacky and gunky, it reinforces the sort of behavior that causes split ends in the first place like excessive combing and picking, which leads to what we call the cycle of damage.

The Solution: Our instant-zip technology actually targets the split, packing in microscopic charged capsules that utilize ionic forces to visibly zip the end closed without binding individual strands together. Mango butter is then actively released from the capsule to deliver a conditioning layer on the hair fiber and a light film former forms a durable protective seal so ends feel soft and smooth and stay that way. Finally, our patented healthy hair molecule, OFPMA, then creates a smooth, polished finish that leaves hair looking and feeling as fresh as new haircut.