Milkshake Lifestyle Smoothing Cream

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When you need sleek and smooth hair fast, look no further than Milkshake Hair Smoothing Cream. 

Milkshake smoothing cream works on the hair to make it smooth, sleek and manageable. Perfect to use on medium and coarse hair whilst also effective for curly hair and can be used to eliminate unwanted frizz. 

For best effects use it alongside one of Milkshake’s revolutionary range of anti-frizz hair care products. Made using Milkshake’s natural ingredients, this hair smoothing cream styler smells wonderful and is good for your hair.

What it does:

Lifestyling hair smoothing cream uses a unique blend of natural ingredients to work on the hair from cuticle to cortex. Behind all the science is the key to super soft and smooth hair that stays soft and manageable all day long. Great for results on the go. Easy to use and gives professional salon results.

How to use Smoothing Cream:

Apply the required amount to clean, damp hair
Continue with styling and you are ready to go