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How should I prepare for my eyelash extension treatment?
Always arrive at least 15 minutes early so that you can check in and fill out our required consent form. Please arrive with clean eyes, removing all makeup and creams from the eye area and eyelashes. Please remove your contacts prior to arriving (they can be put back in immediately following treatment). Eyelash extensions must not get wet within 24hrs of application, so we recommend showering the morning of your appointment, so that your lashes will be set by the following day. Make sure to avoid any makeup, makeup removers, or eye creams that contain glycol as this will result in your lashes falling out prematurely. Your natural lash cycle is every 2-3 weeks, and this is when we recommend you book your first lash fill appointment.

How should I prepare for my spray tan treatment?
Please make sure you shave or exfoliate your skin at least 24-48 hours prior to your scheduled spray tan appointment. The product works best with a slight texture to the skin, and giving enough time in between exfoliating and application will ensure the product adheres to its full potential. Please do not apply body lotion, perfume or deodorant to your skin prior to arriving for your appointment. Please come dressed in loose fit, dark clothing as the guide colour may transfer onto your clothes; tight fit clothing may result in rubbing off the product before it has a chance to develop. We will provide disposable shower caps, bras and panties for use during treatment, however if you are more comfortable in your own items, please make sure they are dark as they may be stained after application. The product needs to develop on the skin for a minimum of 8 hours before rinsing, 12 hours is recommended for optimal results. Spray tans typically last 4-7 days.

How should I prepare for my hair styling session?
Please arrive for your hair styling session with clean, dry hair as our stylist will not have time to blow dry prior to your styling appointment. Please let us know the length of your hair, as well as what type of style you would like at the time of your booking so that we allot enough time for your appointment. Extensions may be included at an additional cost. All hair styling appointments are redeemable in your hair care purchase of $75 or more.

How should I prepare for my waxing treatment?
Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your waxing treatment to fill out our required paperwork. Waxing must be avoided if you are currently using products with retinol, or are currently taking accutane medication.