Laser Hair Removal - for Women & Men

laser hair removal

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Evolution South Surrey offers professional laser hair removal with the Cynosure Icon system - one of the best epilation laser systems in use today - in conjunction with our highly trained staff. Our procedures are safe and cost effective.

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Our Cynosure Icon Laser system is clinically proven to produce results as good as or better than single-procedure lasers with less client pain.

Our pre-treatment protocols are listed below:

  • Laser Consultation & Test Patch required prior to 1st laser treatment
  • Your laser sessions will have to be spaced about every 4-6 weeks apart for best results. Allowing more or less time in between sessions will result in ineffective results. It is extremely crucial to keep up with appointments for desired results.
  • The area that you plan to have treated should not have been waxed for at least 4 weeks - 6 weeks is preferred.
    * Waxing, plucking, bleaching, threading, the use of nair or any other removal products, spray tan or any artificial application of color to your body should be completely avoided throughout your entire laser hair removal process.
  • Any area that you plan to have treated should be completely shaved at the time of your appointment. Leaving hair causes for a much more painful and not as effective procedure. 
  • The area that you plan to have treated should also be clean of lotion, makeup and deodorant- clean and natural skin is best.
  • The sun should be avoided while treatments are underway as the laser is most effective at your most natural skin color.
    * The laser is unable to successfully remove hair from dark birthmarks and we are unable to laser over/on tattoos as the laser will remove the pigment from the tattooed area. 
    * You absolutely cannot be treated if pregnant or if you have been drinking alcohol

Please note that generally about 10-12 sessions are needed to successfully remove hair but this depends person to person (skin color, hair color and timing in between appointments are strong factors that will determine the number of sessions needed).

Touch ups are required to maintain results. We generally suggest one touch up every 8 months once your hair reduction reaches 90%.

Women's Laser Hair Removal Packages

Upper Lip $60
Sideburns $60
Neck $60
Nipples $80
Under Arms $85
Full Arms $209
Abdomen (Centre Strip) $75
Full Abdomen $135
Thighs $185
Lower Leg $150
Full Leg $310
Bikini Line $105
French Bikini $125
Full Bikini (Brazilian) $150
Breast/Chest $160
Lower Back $105
Buttocks $160
Toes $60
Hands $60

Convenience Package

Under Arms, Bikini Line, Brow Shaping


Convenience Package

Under Arms, French Bikini, Brow Shaping


Convenience Package

Under Arms, Full Bikini, Brow Shaping 


Men's Laser Hair Removal

Laser Consultation & Test Patch required prior to 1st laser treatment. $25 credited back towards first laser treatment. $25
Full Neck $160
Chest $180
Full Abdomen $180
Abdomen Strip $85
Upper Back and Shoulders $335
Full Back $360
Lower Back $165
Full Legs $460
Thighs $270
Lower legs $205
Toes $60
Upper Arms $170
Forearms $160
Full Arms $290
Hands $60
Ear $60


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*This service is provided at Evolution South Surrey Only.