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Glo Skin Beauty BHA Clarifying Gel Moisturizer

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Designed for breakout-prone skin of all ages, BHA Clarifying Gel Moisturizer is an advanced formulation loaded with targeted actives like salicylic acid for a soothed, smoothed, clearer complexion.

An oil-free, fast-absorbing, water-light clarifying moisturizer, it’s powered by a microbiome complex that targets skin barrier repair, strengthening skin to absorb and retain deep moisture without clogging pores. Vegan lactic acid and salicylic acid gently refine and clarify, reducing the appearance of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles, while soothing botanicals calm and cool skin. Balancing oil production, this non-comedogenic treatment moisturizer eliminates shine without stripping moisture, for an instantly mattified finish, restoring skin’s natural radiance and clarity.

Suitable for all skin types with breakout concerns.

Key Benefits:

  • Refines: Hydroxy acid blend smooths and softens skin, minimizing the appearance of pores and other textural concerns.
  • Balances: Clarifies and eliminates shine, supporting skin’s barrier for a strengthened, clearer complexion.
  • Hydrates: Weightless, fast-absorbing gel delivers lasting hydration, plumping and cushioning, and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles