Vivier Vitamin C Scrub

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A revitalizing face and body scrub that gently exfoliates skin impurities. Formulated with Vitamin C to calm and brighten the skin, as well as Hyaluronic acid for moisture. The biodegradable beads leave skin feeling clean, soft and vibrant.

Q: Why do I need a scrub?

A: Exfoliating is an essential part of your regular skin routine especially if you find your skin to be shiny with excess oil secretions, coarse-textured, lacking tone and vitality or if your complexion is dull and grayish. This gentle yet effective exfoliant will gently remove the accumulation of debris, oil, dirt and other impurities and will reveal a fresh, healthy-looking complexion.

Q: What makes this scrub so special?

A: Most scrubs on the market contain harsh walnut shells or apricot kernels that can damage the skin. The Vivier Vitamin C Scrub is formulated with smooth Biodegradable Beads which create a gentle scrubbing effect, lifting impurities and sloughing dead surface skin cells while infusing the skin with Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid.